Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party ~ Pinterest Ideas

I am linking up with Just Reed for her Ten Pin Linky Party. Simply link up your 10 favorite pinterst pins for the topic of the week and share.

This week she is focusing on Classroom Decorations.
Here are my 10.
1. This is my wish for my teacher/teaching area for this year. No Clutter! Neat and Clean.

2.  I moved building this year and my new room does not have carpet. I love the thought of using Bath Mats for the students to sit on.

3. I would LOVE to make this Hallway pass board. It would be a cute addition this year.
4. These seat crates are such a great idea. Will I have time to make them this summer? Only time will tell.
5. I have 4 frames that I want to fill with Inspirational Sayings. Here is one that I am going to use.
6. I already have the letters for READ that I put up on my wall last year but I love the idea of adding ribbons and backboards to them. Great for my Classroom Library area.
7. Love this idea for my National Geographic that we get each month. I always save one or two copies to put into the classroom library. I love how organized this looks.
8. I decided to use this color scheme for my classroom this year. I am also thinking about putting the birds in there also along with my butterflies. I love the blue and green together.
9. For the last 12 years, I have had carpet in my classroom. This next year, I do not. I am very worried about the noise level of the chairs and desks but I came across this art teacher and his wonderful idea that he came up with. I will be cutting felt squares for a while.
And last but not least, #10.  I really like how cute and inviting this word work area is. I have a door that joins the other 2nd grade classroom and I'm thinking I may add this to that door.
Well, if you like what you see, click on the picture and pin it to your pinterest boards. AND if you like this idea, go to Just Reed and link up with her linky party.

Until Next Time,
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  1. Hi Tammy! Great ideas...can't wait until you post pics of your finished project!


    Teaching Little Miracles

  2. Hi Tammy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all of your pins! That classroom library with the owl theme is just adorable! I would love to have that space! Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

    1. Me too. I am trying to find that type of space in my new classroom and it is harder then you think it would be. I keep moving things around. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message.

  3. What great ideas...I love the no clutter1 I am working on that too :)! Excited to be your newest follower!
    Two Friends In First

    1. No Clutter! That is one good thing about packing up your classroom and moving because you get rid of things that you haven't used or at least pack it away and leave it at home. No need to put it in the classroom if you are not using it. Not sure it will stay looking like that but I'm hoping. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate that.