Friday, June 7, 2013

Five For Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!
I am sitting in my home right now enjoying some quiet time. My husband and daughter are at work and my son is swimming at my sister-in-laws pond. I decided that I would try and find that leak that we have in our pool but I am having a hard time finding it without the snorkel and face mask. I think I need to wait until my son comes back with those items.
So I decided to link up with Doodlebugs for her
I have not participated in her Linky Party before so hopefully I am not too off base with this.  I am going to post the five things that I plan to get done next week.
1. Change the material for the patio chairs outside OR at least try to do this.
I bought our patio table and chairs from Craig's List very cheap.
This is the material that I am going to use for the chairs.
2.  Find that leak in the pool.
It's only about 1/4 full of water. My 5 year old neighbor is loving it because
she can swim and touch the bottom of the pool.
3.  Read some books and make some quizzes for Book Adventure.
These are just a few books I will be reading.
4.  Continue reading Debbie Miller's new edition of Reading With Meaning.
5.  Decide on the color of paint (the theme of my classroom) that I want to make my bulletin boards for my work day on Monday in my new classroom.

I'm not sure who this room belongs to but I love the colors. (I save the pictures and forget
to write where they came from. I need to be more careful with that.)

That's not a long list, right? We shall see if we accomplish it. So what do you have planned for your week?
Anyway, I am in need of some blogging help!  I was following Mrs. Stanford's videos on how to make a
and it's not turning out like it should.  If you look on the side of my page you will see my picture but it is kind of blurry and my HTML is not in the box.  Any suggestions from my awesome blog friends out there of what I am doing wrong. I have redone it three times, each time following her advice on what to do. Any help would be appreciated.
Until Next Time,
         Happy Blogging


  1. Thanks for your visit to to my blog! I love the new fabric you are using on your chairs! I am sure it'll be cute!

  2. I wish I could help you with the bloggy button thing BUT I'm tech illiterate on things like that most of the time. :) I had the girls at Honey Bunch Blog Design make my button. Now I'm wanting to make the social media buttons. Don't know if I'll try them or just give somebody some $.

    I've still got to get our little pool clean. Not looking forward to that. :)


    1. That is okay. Hopefully someone will come along and help. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with your pool.

  3. All the best to you as you embark on accomplishing your list of to dos! Love the new fabric for the chairs! I must check out the book by Debbie Miller... Just found your blog through Five for Friday and am a new follower!

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

    1. Thanks Sarah! Debbie Miller's book is a great read if you want to work on Comprehension Skills with your students.

  4. I love Debbie Miller! I didn't know there was as new edition of this book out, I wonder if it's very different from the first edition.

    1. So far, I am really glad that I bought it. She has added some very good points about her research on reading. She has also added some Big Idea lesson planning to help us plan better for our classrooms. It goes month by month. I am really enjoying those new parts. I think it definitely is a good read, even if you have the other book.

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I just found you and am your newest follower. How is that book, I want some summer reading and think that might be a good one. I will have to pop in more often. :o)
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Debbie Miller's book is a very good read. It really works on the comprehension piece of reading.

  6. I just found your blog through The Hands on Teacher. I started following you :) Check out my blog if you have time.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower.

  7. Hi, Tammy! I just found you from The Hands-On Teacher, and got super excited because I teach in KS too!!! Just a little NE of you:) Here's the site I used for my blog button, and I'm pretty sure it is in working order (though I've never actually tried it, but it looks right!):
    It's from Megan, at I Teach. What's Your Super Power? and I had to use the code generator site, which she has a link to. If you just follow her steps, it should turn out okay:) I'll check on ya later, as I am your newest follower!

    If you get some time after creating your button (and finding that link, and reading your books, and...)come check out MY blog; I'm hosting a 100th Follower giveaway tomorrow!!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog, becoming a follower and helping me out with my Grab My Button. I really appreciate your post. I will definitely be over to your blog very soon and I will let you know if it worked.

      Mrs. Flickinger's Butterfly Oasis