Saturday, June 1, 2013

A New Beginning and June Currently

Well, it has been a while again since I have posted anything.  Life gets so crazy sometimes at the end of the year but summer vacation has started for me and I just received my new book that I am reading to better my teaching for my students.  It is the 2nd Edition of Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller.

I love reading her books.  She writes them just like you are there with her.  I started reading the book yesterday and I already have a favorite part of the book.  See if you like what she is saying also.

"What if you are mandated to do something that you know in your heart is not best for kids?  Look at it carefully. Maybe there is a piece of it that will work.  As for the rest? Chances are good that both your method and the new one have the same goals; maybe you just believe in going after it a little differently. Think about how you believe reading needs to be taught, and be ready to thoughtfully emplain how and why. Then make an appointment with your principal and do it. Most administrators listen to and support teachers when we speak with conviction, know the research behind our beliefs, and present out point of view in respectful, rational ways.
This is even more important now. Envision yourself as a social activist, in your building and maybe even beyond. After all, we're the ones who spend our days with children, and we're the ones who see and feel the effect of ill-conceived policies and programs in the faces, hearts, and minds of the children we teach. I'm sometimes told by those in power, "What you say makes a lot of sense, but we've adopted a new program and have mandated teachers to teach it with 'fidelity' for at least the first three years."
I used to think, What? You're asking teachers to pledge fidelity to a program over fidelity to children? For three YEARS? Now I say it right out loud. Nicely.
But we can't say that if we can't show how what we're doing is working for student learning and getting them where they need to be. We have to ask the people making the mandates to articulate the purpose behind them, and work to find out if we are meeting children's needs in diffferent ways. If we don't want people to tell us what to do and how to do it, we must be clear about what we are doing and why we're doing it, and back it up with strong evidence that shows all students are on their way to achieveing at least one year of growth in their time with us."

I so like her thinking. She is feeling the same way as some teachers who really want to do what is best for students. Can't wait to read the rest of her new book. Has anyone else read this book yet?

AND on to June's Currently with Farley at Oh' boy 4th Grade. I haven't done one in a while and I miss looking at other people's posts.  Here it is:

I hope you enjoy reading my currently and that you enjoy visiting me blog.  Don't forget to go by Farley's blog and see what everyone has been up too. Have a Blessed Sunday!

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  1. I'm moving to a new classroom also! A blank slate. Good luck!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Debbie Miller and I LOVE this book - the first edition. Is the second edition different enought to warrant buying a new copy? I never mind moving classrooms, I love a clean slate!

    1. So far, I am really glad that I bought it. She has added some very good points about her research. She has also added some Big Idea lesson planning to help us plan better for our classrooms. I am really enjoying those new parts. I think it definitely is a good read, even if you have the other book.

  3. I love Debbie Miller too! That is a great book :)Good luck with the new classroom, and finding the hole in the bottom of the pool, that was one thing I never liked about having a pool!!

    The Resource(ful) Room!

  4. I need to buy Debbie Miller's book. It looks like a great book.


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  5. So many books, so little time!! I will add this to my wishlist. I have 2 ahead of this one for professional reading. I have another 2 lined up just for fun :) I need to find inexpensive things to do this summer too! The beach is great, but it can get to be a little dull every day in the summer:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  6. Thanks for being my first follower! I am excited to meet another 2nd grade teacher and I am definitely going to look into purchasing this book!