Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

I am linking up with Sugar and Spice for Wordless Wednesday.
Here is my picture:
Common Core workshop for three days.
I am assuming that we give a question to everyone so here is mine.
How are you feeling about Common Core? Do you feel more comfortable with the standards or do you still need help understanding it all and how it all goes together?
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  1. Unfortunately, Texas is still following it's own standards (the TEKS). I wish Texas would move to the Common Core. It would certainly make finding resources on TPT a lot easier!

    Second Grade Stampede

  2. I wish I had some PD to go to this summer. Oklahoma has brilliantly done away with the common core so we have NO standards at this point and time...makes for a difficult summer of planning. Guess we can just do whatever we want! lol

    1. REALLY!!! Wow, I am surprised that they took it away. What is their reasoning? I'm not sure if I agree with it all but I am trying to understand it all. How many years did your district keep Common Core?

  3. Hi Tammy! Here is my email! The legislators voted to do away with the CC last month and finalized it this week. It is just crazy the mess this state is in. We have spent who knows how much implementing it for the past two years and now POOF it's gone, with nothing left in it's place. They say we're supposed to go back to out original PASS (state standards) for the fall....but they're not sure yet. It is crazy and frustrating. Our fall looks like it's going to be chaotic to say the least. There were so many people against the CC the problem is they didn't have the full story, of course. I liked the CC the problem with it was all the testing they attached to it...
    Good luck with your theme! I like the county fair one. Too cute!