Saturday, February 8, 2014


Well, I am back to making this blog about me.  Our school district decided to let us have a Facebook page for our classroom and I am soooo loving it.  I have had more parents and students comment about posts and pictures that I have put on our Facebook page then I have had using my blog.  I am very thankful that our district is allowing us to do this because I love sharing things with my parents.  I do have a Newsletter that goes home each week in the students binders but you know that half the time it doesn't get into the hands of the parents.

Anyway, here is my first post back about myself using Farley's Currently.


I'm not too much of a Winter Olympics person but I will watch with my son since he enjoys some of the events.
I have been needing to fix my ceiling in my main bathroom for my visitors for sometime.  I had paint peeling from the ceiling and the bottom half of the wall was not pretty.  It was one room that I didn't paint or fix before we moved in.  We have lived here 5 years and I am just now getting that bathroom done because there is a good chance we will be moving.  I guess that was my motivation to get a start on it.  It does feel good to have gotten at least half of it done.  Now I just need to pick the paint that I want and finish it up.
My next two weeks are going to be a little crazy.  I will only teach 3 full days.  Isn't that nuts?  I have a day and a half of workshops to go to this next week.  Monday, Feb. 17 we don't have school because of President's Day. Then that Tuesday, Feb. 18 we have a District In-Service so I have another meeting to go to.  Feb. 19-21 we have Parent-Teacher Conferences so the students will leave at 1:30 in the afternoon.  Busy! Busy! Busy! But I'm not BUSY teaching students.  (Interesting!)
So that brings me to my WANTING. I need 3 good productive days with my students.  Well planned lessons with good content. I am very thankful for teachers that have shared lesson ideas about attributes. We are starting this in math and I really don't think our Math Series does a good job of teaching this subject.
Math is my weak stop.  I LOVE READING!! I will research and redo documents for reading instruction and plan wonderful lessons for my students but when it comes to math, I just don't have that same love for it.  I am trying really hard this year to learn to love it.  It is part of my GOALS for this year.  We have read a lot about Number Talks and Discussions.  It has been interesting but my brain just loves reading more.  What does a girl do??
Truths ~ We did have 3 snow days this last week and I was by the third day going stir crazy. I live in a small town and we were pretty much snowed in.  Couldn't leave for much. I was so ready by Friday to go back to work. :)  My Fib ~ I did not go out and shovel any sidewalks.  It was way too cold, plus I have a bad back so shoveling snow is not a good idea for me.
Hope you enjoyed my Currently for February.  It feels good to be back.
Until Next Time,
         Happy Blogging