Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We have had a fabulous second quarter of school with a lot of fun learning going on in Room A25.  I was trying to put together a slideshow for parents to see on my school website but it would not work.  That school website is so frustrating!!  Since it would not work, I will post some pictures here on my blog.   Here are some activities that you might like seeing that your student enjoyed this last 9 weeks.
Seat back and enjoy READING!!
Students enjoy lunch each month with Mrs. Flickinger if they participate in the Home Reading Program.  These two students read 10 books for the month of November.  Way To Go, Girls!!

The students had a fireman come in and do a presentation about Fire Safety.  He talked about what to do when there is a fire and showed them what he would look like if he was coming in to look for them in a burning house.  The students loved it.
During the month of October we did a pumpkin seed estimation.  These two students were the closest with their numbers.  They were very excited about taking their pumpkins home that they won. 
Congratulations to these students.  They not only particiapted in the Home Reading Program in our classroom but they also passed their Book Adventure tests.  They got a chance to go with Mrs. Flickinger to a WSU Volleyball Game.  It was a lot of fun.
  We were studying Owls life cycles in Science and the students got an opportunity to investigate Owl Pellets.  Can you say excited?  There were ready to start digging in. 

We do stop sometimes with our fun activities and take assessments to check on their learning.  I have been so impressed with this group of students.
They are soooo smart!

I will continue with some pictures later on this weekend. 
I hope you enjoy reading this post.
I will try to keep up with this blog a little better so that you can see what is going on with your child.
I hope you have a wonderful 2014.
Until Next Time,
           Happy Blogging  ~  Mrs. Flickinger

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