Sunday, September 9, 2012

Classroom Expectations, Caterpillars and two Giveaways

We have had such a GREAT two and a half weeks. My students are doing such a great job with expectations and classroom procedures. I am continuing to take it slow and it is so paying off.  The "two sisters" were so right when they talked about taking your time and making sure that the students know exactly what is expected for each activity that is in your classroom.  I am so very proud of them and proud of myself for sticking with the plan. I would also like to thank the parents for supporting the homework assignments. The students are doing such a great job of being responsible. 

I am excited to say that after school on Friday I came back to the classroom with a new milkweed plant and there are two caterpillar eggs on this plant.  Woot!! Woot!! I was very excited to find this.  SO we now have one small caterpillar and two eggs.  The eggs will hatch probably by Monday and within 14 days the caterpillar will be the size of the caterpillar below and will make its pupa and change into a Monarch Butterfly.  Exciting things are going to start happening in Room B8.  I can't wait.

I was talking a little bit about expectations and routines above and I wanted to share with you that I used "the sisters" I-Chart idea for my Math Stations and WOW!!!! what a difference from last year.  Math last year was NOT my favorite subject by far.  I felt like I did not train my students like I did for their Reading Block.  I was so pleased with the start of this year.  The students are so engaged and know exactly what is expected of them and how to act.  Here are a few pictures of the students working very hard on their math activities.

I am very proud of my students and brag about them any time I can. :)

Last but not least, Fellow Bloggers, Corinna over at Surfin' Through Second is having a 500 Follower Giveaway.  Vist her site and sign up.  There are some great gifts if you win.  Good Luck.  

Another Fellow Bloggers is Giving Away the Quietest Pencil Sharpener .

I have heard that this pencil sharpener is amazing. I would like to buy one soon but if I win one that would even be better. SO if you want a chance to enter her giveaway, go to Second Grade Math Maniac blog. 

Good Luck everyone!!!

Until Next Time,
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  2. Whoops, copy and pasted the wrong html code. Anyway as I was saying, having butterflies and caterpillars is such an enjoyable way to investigate the life cycle of butterflies. Have fun!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

    1. Thank you. I love this activity. My students from years past always remember this from my classroom. It makes me smile.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad you could find some caterpillars. Monarchs are always such fun butterflies to raise.