Saturday, June 30, 2012

Evergreen Library

Well, I decided to play with some blog designs. I think I like this one for now. Since this will be a blog for my parents, students and my blog followers when school starts, I will probably be changing my design each month to go with the holiday. I LOVE holidays.

Onto my post for today! At the end of the school year, we had our librarian from Evergreen Library come to our school to tell the students about the Reading Program and activities for over the summer.  The students were so excited about all the gifts and prizes that they would receive if they completed the program that it got me to thinking about how I could help. I really wanted the students to continue reading over the summer. They were making such great gains and were being very successful with the Daily 5. SO I talked it up with the students before the end of the year about meeting up at the library for some activities during the summer. They were so excited!  I wrote a letter to the students and placed 5 dates down which ended up to be 5 Fridays. I mailed them out and this last Friday was the first Friday to meet.  I was not sure how it would go or how many students would show up but if one student did come, it was well worth my time.

This was the one studentwho decided to come and she made some huge gains this year with the Daily 5. (She was a wonderful student to have in class. She had so much energy and was always happy.) She really learned how to read this year and she was reading everything she could get her hands on. She was so excited to see me. We picked out books together and she read some of her books to me.  It was a lot of fun!! (Her mom was all smiles, too.) She checked out 10 books and is going to meet me again next Friday.  

Here is another bit of information about this student that will make you SMILE. She decided this summer that she was going to write me a note and send it in the mail. Here is the picture of how she addressed it. I think the postmaster had a heart that day because they let it go through the mail system to get to me. (I paid for the postage when it got here.) She used a stamp that had already gone through the mail.

What a kick I got out of this letter!! I so enjoy being a teacher!
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