Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock Star Party

Happy Spring Everyone

Well, the third quarter has come and gone.  I can't believe how fast the time is going this year.  I have such a great group of second graders.  It is getting to the point during the year when I realize that I only have 42 days left with these wonderful youngsters and I will have to give them away to their new third grade teachers. But no more worrying about that. Our Third Quarterly Behavior Party was a smashing good time.

In order for the students to participate, they had to make sure that they turned in 80% of their homework for the quarter, that they had no office referrals to see the principal and their behavior in class and at specials was acceptable.  These were the activities that the students participated in:
First Station:  Dress like a Rock Star
Four students at a time got to come up to the table and decide how they would like to dress for their Rock Star Picture.  While these students were deciding this, the other students were working on puzzles around the classroom. Here are a few of our fabulous rock stars......

Second Station: Rock Star Picture Frames
The students then went to another classroom and began designing their Rock Star Picture Frames.  They turned out so cute especially when we put the Rock Star Pictures in them during the afternoon movie. It was a great activity and the students got to take them home that afternoon.  Here is what one of the frames looked like....
Third Station:  Rock Star Dance 
The students then went to their last station and that was the Rock Star Dance room. We had two strobe lights going in the room along with rope lights.  We did have one sparkle thing (I don't know really what it is called) hanging from  the ceiling.  The students had such a great time of dancing around and just being a kid.  I loved watching them enjoy themselves.
In the afternoon, the students had the privilege of watching the Disney Movie "CAMP ROCK".  They enjoyed popcorn and juice boxes while watching the movie as a grade level.
What a great way to end the third quarter and start off Spring Break.  Can't wait to see my students next week and hear all about their great adventures.
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